The ARRAY & MULTICHANNEL PROCESSING GROUP carries out fundamental research on physical layer technologies dealing with multiple diversity schemes to face from single user to multiuser communications. The group activities on signal and fuzzy processing encompass also the data link and network layer aspects that relate with the physical techniques (e.g. PHY-MAC cross-layer design). Special attention is paid to MIMO, UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and multicarrier transports applied to 4G wireless systems, either terrestrial or satellite.
Current projects, research and demonstrators are focused on: localization systems, cooperative techniques, cross-layer design for integrated QoS and MIMO.

Research Areas

  • Mobile communications
  • Satellite communications
  • Cooperative techniques
  • Cross-layer design for integrated QoS and MIMO
  • MIMO processing
  • Cognitive Radio
  • UWB systems
  • Localization systems

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