The Components and Systems for Communications (CSC) Research Group bases its work on the research of new circuits, techniques and methodologies for developing and implementing advanced systems for communications. The group's activities focus on hardware and software solutions grouped in the following research lines.

  • Research Areas and Expertise
  • Antenna systems design and modelling.
  • Measurement techniques and modeling of the nonlinear behavior of passive circuits.
  • Advanced microwave and RF filters for communications (electro-acoustic, multiband, reconfigurable, etc.)
  • Microwave and RF active circuits (Oscillators, PLO’s, Amplifiers, etc.)
  • Digital signal processing techniques for RF power amplifiers linearization and energy efficiency improvement: predistortion, envelope tracking, outphasing, etc.
  • Digital and analogue implementation of communications subsystems and mismatches compensation.
  • Software Defined Radio and cloud RAN resource management
  • Design of communications and control subsystems for UAS (unmanned air systems).

Main Researchers

  • Berenguer Sau, Jordi
  • Bertran Alberti, Eduardo
  • Collado Gomez, Juan Carlos
  • Gelonch Bosch, Antoni
  • Gilabert Pinal, Pere Lluis
  • Gonzalez Arbesu, Jose Maria
  • Mateu Mateu, Jordi
  • Montoro Lopez, Gabriel

Main Contact

Juan Carlos Collado Gomez

More information

Components and Systems for Communications web site: