The Department

The Department of Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) of UPC was formed in 1986 within the framework of the University Reform Law from the integration of several former smaller departments.


At this time the department was enterely based in Campus Nord (Barcelona) around the Telecommunication Engineering School of Barcelona. In the recent years the UPC offer of telecommunication engineering degrees has expanded to other remote campuses. The deployment of these new programs has resulted in additional academic personnel recruitment and territorial expansion of the department which is now one of the largest of UPC.


The department size and wide coverage of main specialities and technologies in information and communications has allowed to propose ambitious research projects and its own education programmes for postgraduate students. The department has obtained multiple collective awards and many of its professors have obtained remarkable national and international distinctions and recognition. Finally the regional impact of the department in the recent years has become specially remarkable since two new catalan government research centres: CTTC and ICFO have been promoted, participated and directed by TSC professors. On the other hand the department research quality and proactivity of its members is now a key factor in the industrial innovation and competitivity in the ICT sector.